What is Uncle Paul's?

If asked to define "Uncle Paul's", many people would probably say that it is an interactive show, because the Christmas party takes the form of a concert, performed by Uncle Paul, Noddy, Big ears, Mr Plod and the naughty clowns.

The magic starts the second you step foot on the tractors which take you up to the arena, facing a beautiful castle which acts as the stage for the evening. The children play in the straw until all the guests are in the arena with a comfortable place to sit. Then evening starts off with a bang, as everyone gets up to follow the marching band around the arena, singing along to the tune. After that, Uncle Paul announces the dinner time and beverages are handed out, and once everyone is settled, Noddy makes an appearance with his friends, bringing Ice creams for everyone.


After the ice creams are quickly devoured, the children play around with Noddy, Big Ears, Mr Plod and the clowns. Once the characters go back to Toyland, a piano is brought into the arena, and carols are sung, led by Uncle Paul. The crowd sings Father Christmas' favourite carol, Silent Night, and then silence comes over the arena and a fairy appears. Father Christmas comes too, bringing presents for every child.

This magical evening ends off with coffee served, while everyone boards the tractors and heads off home. A lot of work is put into making Uncle Paul's a success, and with the support we receive from all the guests every year, Wynberg Rotaract is able to continue serving the community, year after year.



How to book

In order to receive an invite to book, you will need to add your details to the form below. After confirming your details you will receive an invite to book once bookings open on Webtickets. 
Please note that the link will NOT be shown on the website and Webtickets do not have permission to give it out.  


Please note the following:
  • Tickets are first come, first serve.
  • Tickets are NOT TRANSFERABLE.
  • Members of families who treat Wynberg Rotaractors or Webtickets with any disrespect or aggression will be banned from the parties or asked to leave.
  • Rotaract and the Uncle Paul's team are young adults (average age 23) and solely volunteers. We are not professional programme writers or event coordinators, but just a group of people trying our best to provide a memorable evening for you, as well as to make a difference for those less fortunate than ourselves.
  • We are all young students or working professionals. Therefore, emails will only be answered for party specific information. Please give us a fair amount of time to reply to your queries. 

Latest Update:

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Published on 01 October 2013
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Tickets for 2013 completely sold out.


Castle News

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Published on 01 October 2013
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Castle complete. Painting has begun.



Waiting list for 2015


In order to receive an invite for the 2015 season, please fill in and confirm your family information. Completing this form does not guarantee a ticket to this or next year's party.


*Please note that you are only able to attend Uncle Paul's Christmas Parties if you have a child of gift receiving age. Gift receiving age is between 3 years and 8 years 11 months (i.e your child has to have already turned 3 or has not yet turned 9 by the date of your party).


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