Waiting list for 2015


In order to receive an invite for the 2015 season, please fill in and confirm your family information. Completing this form does not guarantee a ticket to this or next year's party.


*Please note that you are only able to attend Uncle Paul's Christmas Parties if you have a child of gift receiving age. Gift receiving age is between 3 years and 8 years 11 months (i.e your child has to have already turned 3 or has not yet turned 9 by the date of your party).


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a new family get an invite to book for Uncle Paul's Christmas Parties?
In order to be put on the waiting list to receive an invite to book, please fill in the form above.

Once I have booked, can I change my booking?
You are NOT able to change your booking. You are also NOT allowed to swap with any other families attending.

What age must my children be to receive a gift from Father Christmas?
Your child must be between the ages of 3 years  and 8 years, 11 months old.

Please note that Uncle Paul will NOT allow "sneak ins" or gifts to be given to children not falling in the gift receiving age.

What will happen if I bring a gift for a child who is not between the ages of 3 and 8 years old?
The gift will be returned to you. If you are caught trying to sneak the gift in, you and your family will be blacklisted and asked to leave the party.

What happens if I bring a gift larger than the size of a standard shoe box?
It will be returned to you and your child will be given a generic gift.

Can we attend if our children are not of gift receiving age?
NO, your family will NOT be allowed to attend the parties unless there is at least ONE child of gift receiving age (3-8 years) in your immediate group.

Are babies allowed?
Babies are allowed. However, the parties can run late, the weather and dust is unpredictable and there are no baby changing facilities. We do not advise bringing children under the age of 3 years.


If I cannot attend the party, can I give our family's tickets to friends?
NO, as all administration is pre-set up for your family and child/ren for that evening. Tickets are non-transferable and right of admission is reserved.

What time do the parties start?
Gates open at 18h00. The last tractor to the arena will be between 18h45 and 19h15 or until last check-in.

Where do I park?
You will need to follow the instructions given by the Uncle Paul's parkers. You are NOT allowed to park in Simon's Restaurant parking or in any other non-designated area. Failure to abide by this rule will result in your car being towed. This is by order of Groot Constantia Wine Farm Management.

How do I ensure that two families book together?
Since we cannot guarantee the availability of tickets, we suggest that the families book at the same time but not under the same surname.

My child is not old enough to attend this years parties, how do I secure an invite for next year?
You need to fill in the form above and an invite will be sent to you when your child is old enough to attend the parties.

Are we allowed to bring alchoholic drinks to the party?
NO, no alcohol is allowed on the property. This is by order of the management of Groot Constantia Wine Farm. Further to this, Uncle Paul's is a family event and to maintain the safety, order and magic of the party, we do not allow alcohol.